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Posts tagged: worry

So a friend is back from Hawaii for a few days before leaving for the rest of summer for his vaca. Thing is, he got a small gift from Hawaii for me (I was half jokingly asking and he actually got me one, to my surprise) and he asked if I was free tomorrow. There’s a chance that he can give it to me, yes. How? I have no idea what to expect or ask of him. Does he want to grab a bite and just give it? Or just stop by my house and drop it off? I’m so not out there and it’s pretty embarrassing

I’m nervous about bringing him up to my parents as well because 1. My cousins have already been teasing me about him since Christmas and thought there was something between us (but there isn’t, honestly). And 2. He’s a guy and got me a gift? That’s gonna sound great, especially to my dad lol. Considering I don’t have a lot of guy friends that I’m close to and are actually my age. (The rest of my guy friends are younger than me because I’m old for my grade..another story for another day) .

So I’m pretty witted out here because I don’t know what to do. Do I just ..text him to drop it off or what? Lol. Guys omg I’m so not .. This is embarrassing for me. Like I’m serious. And you can easily tell because I’ve written this as a stream of consciousness. BLAH the whole gift thing isn’t a big deal though right? Right? Um. I feel so awkward!!

So if I really didnt like my friend (which I don’t in THAT way) you might say I wouldn’t worry about it right? But the thing is, my cousins have long thought that there’s something there. Aha ha ha. Especially one particular cousin. *flaming glare* they keep thinking that no matter how much I tell them it’s not and there isn’t. LOLOL. I expect a questioning look from my mom and asking me something so typically momsy.

Sam the Cat with Eyebrows and a Permanent Worried Face


I’m Scared

A lot of things/worries have been coming to mind lately and I’m just feeling scared. The worry just built into fear.

I don’t like feeling this way. I thought it was just normal, feeling a little down since everyone gets their ups and downs, right? But it was little things that piled up together and grew into this massive pile that I now call fear.

So now I’m scared of a lot of things, I’m just itching to get away from whatever - mainly school. There’s so much crap there, it’s such a two-faced crap. One class, I’ll tolerate, another class I’ll completely suffer, one class I’ll be okay in, one awkward class, then one ish class.

Then there’s my classmates. Stupid, uncaring, hypocritical morons.