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understand that there’s a good kind of creep and a bad kind of creep.

and i’m talking about getting the bad kind of creep AWAY FROM ME PLEASE OMG WHY

ugh. BALLS.

i can’t rename my username on skype.


skype, get it together. let me delete it at least.

I feel like the reality of the death of my first laptop is going to truly hit me sometime later this month.. 

I’m so pissed that I didn’t get to update my hard drive on what’s on my laptop though. Other than that, I’m fine moving on from HP laptops.

Ugh. I just hope there was nothing on there that I would need later on.

emotional turmoil 

day 3 of june period


My pouch got pouchier.

I hope there isn’t any spam thing on my Tumblr app. D:

So.. my Tumblr app isn’t even working. I don’t even know what happened. Some stuff I’ve reblogged from yesterday APPARENTLY didn’t come through. Now, I can’t even log back in because of whatever shit is happening…. :( 

Excuse me, I need to wash my hands. They’re dirty. You can continue caking your face after I’m done.

Hypocrites [rant]

I hate themsomuch.

Yes, I know that everyone is a hypocrite sometimes - but I’m not talking about those few time things. I’m talking about hypocrite as in that’s what they’re whole personality is or how they just act overall. Say this one girl keeps saying:

"Oh my god, I’m so fat"
"I need to lose weight, man. Get my beach body ready."
"I’d take plastic surgery any day."
"Yeah, I need to exfoliate my skin this weekend."
"Dude, my skin has been so rough this week. I look disgusting."

..but she looks FINE. Normal, not PERFECT. Even a little better than an average face, even. Pretty clear skin, skinny in a normal way (not UNHEALTHY), WAS short but has been growing inches in the past year already.. Sure, a little on the flat side and not as much curves, but she still looks fine. Great, even. Her legs are pretty long for her height. But she’s pretty good with clothes & make-up. Her outfits are pretty and she wears just mascara and some blush or whatever, but that’s it. Nothing too much.

But she still doesn’t see it. She looks FINE. She looks GREAT even.. but from her perspective, it’s a complete exaggeration of what shethinksshe looks like. She wants to fix her eyes because she wants double eyelids, she wants thinner lips, higher cheekbones, bigger eyes… Blah, blah, blah.

Yet she’s done and said all that, but if you don’t know her you would think she doesn’t actually care about all that. She dresses fine and is a bit of the fashionista if you saw her. If a person was THAT insecure about their looks, they wouldn’t wear the things she wears. I’m not saying she wears skimpy clothes, but she wears pretty clothes that those girls at your school wear - the ones that dress up pretty almost every day you see them at school, or if not super pretty at least casual pretty. Someone as insecure… or rather, “insecure” like her wouldn’t be dressing like she’s confident. That’s just not right.

It’s not what you think how she would act. It’s as if she’s just looking for attention to compliment how she looks.. Sure, she would rather have another choice for some of her features but that doesn’t mean she should go around acting so completely whiny and complaining about almost all of her looks when she just looks fine. She’s exaggerating. Stupid. So so STUPID.

She won’t let you take pictures of her when you’re out together, just the two of you MAYBE on HER phone/camera, but on a big party or group she would hide her face. Yet you know and you’ve seen that she’s basically a camera whore when she’s alone or she’s at home or something.

UGH. Sometimes I just hate when I read into people too much because things like THIS happens. I’d end up seeing the way they act differently and I’d probably avoid them. Blah. Whatever.

If anyone even reads this the whole way, thank you. Really. I spent half an hour or so writing this instead of doing vocabulary for English.

But seriously. Someone like this is just one of the kinds of people I would rather not have in my life. I’m currently avoiding this person as much as I can.. and they’re gone a lot trying to be a good student (aiming for Honors classes but they later say how much of a procrastinator they are) which I’m kind of glad for. I don’t have to see them as much and deal with their crap.

End of rant. A really really long rant.


So… I hate scantrons. There’s too many things that can possibly go wrong when you’re getting graded on it.

Oh, wait.

A lot of things can possibly go wrong in life too. (sigh)


I hear a bug in my room…

At first, I’m like…

Followed by…

And I can’t sleep until I know that BUG is DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD.