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Posts tagged: shit

please stop about my “listening skills” 

i know i make fun of myself every now and then but good god can you please stfu about it 

you’re not perfect either but i’m not calling you out on your shit

fucked up friendship you make me hate you but dammit you’re my friend do you see my problem here? ughhhh 

ah i tried being helpful

but shit, man. some people are just …. *head bangs on table*

I hope there isn’t any spam thing on my Tumblr app. D:

So.. my Tumblr app isn’t even working. I don’t even know what happened. Some stuff I’ve reblogged from yesterday APPARENTLY didn’t come through. Now, I can’t even log back in because of whatever shit is happening…. :( 

This is just one of those days where I want to give up..

But then again, that’s just expected of me.. To give up. Just like always. Right?

I want to prove everyone wrong. But how can I, feeling shitty as I do right now..

I know killing myself won’t be the answer. I’ve always told myself that. Because I always wanted to live for things that I don’t know right now.

But before I can even get to the better things, I need to get over this bullshit..

I feel like locking myself up in a dark room for the rest of my life.