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it’s national puppy day! :D 

freaking puppy OVERLOAD <3 

This Century, A+ Dropouts & Austin Gibbs Concert!

Guess who’s seeing them this Saturday!

I’m going with a few friends and yeah. I’m hoping it will be a lot of fun. (:

Just another story by the Young and the Useless! <3


I was at a friend’s house yesterday for a Christmas party and while my friend’s mom was giving directions to another friend (who was lost for about half an hour), I saw a black cat pass by.


I was petting it and stuff and the kitty was just so affectionate and adorable, I wanted to keep it! <3

But.. My friend just ran for the door and closed it behind her.

That was the nicest kitty I’ve met so far. I wanted to keep him/her. He/She was just curling in, wanting to be petted. (NO, NOT ‘TWSS’).

My friend said it always comes around, so it’s probably one of her neighbors’ pet. Except, when it was time to go, the kitty kept following me. So, I had to go through the garage door to prevent it from getting in the house (believe me - the kitty tried coming inside).

(sigh) Well, anyways. I wanted to keep it. But I can’t.. :(

Haha, maybe I should go back to my friend’s house just for the kitty. :))

Oh, and the kitty’s eyes - and I’m pretty sure I saw this right - were green~

(=^w^=) meow

I’m going to be sleeping over at my friend’s house today. :D

We were going to go to LACMA to see the special Tim Burton on Thursday, but we can’t.. We lost our ride. T.T Meh. Maybe next time, we’ll go. >:3

Sleeping over at a friend’s house after some volunteer orientation (YAY! To helping old people!) followed by some movie marathon we’re doing. :D Sucks though. Apparently, you can only borrow 3 movies in Redbox. T.T Screw that.



This Monday and Tuesday I had swimming lessons. :3 They were sisters and both were super nice! My friend couldn’t go, so there was one for me and another for my brother. Too bad we probably can’t have lessons with them during the school year. :( The one that I had is going to be a senior in her high school year this fall and she starts school this August 26. Her older sister (who taught my brother) is actually staying in New York for grad school.

But it was fun while it lasted. :D

Well. I have to go~

If you’ve read this far, then thank you! & congratulations, as well. :))

I ramble a lot. :3 SEE YOU WHEN I GET BACK! (…which really isn’t that long)

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