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I’m listening to love songs, reading love stories (fanfics) and it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow..

Yet I feel anything BUT love. F-king sucks. T.T

No guy friends either.. At ALL. 

So each time I meet someone new, I always wish they’d be a guy. (sigh)

Life. Sucks. Ass.

This made my night. :))

This made my night. :))

Taboo is the BEST game EVER.

Like. Ever.


I played it once with my family during Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and it was HIGH-LARIOUS.

Played it again during winter break in 2011 with my friends during a sleepover.. Funniest crap happen.

OH. Remember this when you play this game: Get it on video.

Then watch it later on.

Anyways! You can play the game online if you don’t have the board.

Hope you have as much fun playing Taboo as much as I did!! <3