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I want this. <3

I want this. <3


The Wicked Clothes shop has a new necklace in stock: now featuring the Heart Locket Watch Necklace!

These spectacular new lockets are on sale for a limited time, so buy them now before the price goes up!

Order now and use coupon code ‘1000NOTES’ to get 10% off anything you purchase from Wicked Clothes!

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HAA. It’s on top of a Harry Potter book! :)

There’s a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.


I’m listening to love songs, reading love stories (fanfics) and it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow..

Yet I feel anything BUT love. F-king sucks. T.T

No guy friends either.. At ALL. 

So each time I meet someone new, I always wish they’d be a guy. (sigh)

Life. Sucks. Ass.


People say it makes the heart grow fonder. But do they realize that it can make the heart forget as well?

I wish I could forget a lot of things… I really do.