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What would you do?

A creeper that has a major and obvious crush on you. Too sensitive about every little thing. Never spoke to you in person. Don’t have any classes together, but you go to the same high school. Only talks to you through Facebook and text. Tries to find everything you have in common. Or pretends to like the same stuff you do. Compliments are too much (‘you’re so cute!’, ‘you’re really beautiful’). Just awkward. And even worse? It’s innocent — he means no harm but he’s completely irritating. He doesn’t get that you don’t like him at all and you’re completely uninterested. When he asks if you hate him, you can’t help but deny it and come up with an excuse as to why you didn’t reply to his text from yesterday.

Another food for thought: to make matters worse, you can’t tell him off.

Then what? What can you possibly do?